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Makim T345:

Catrax Plus turnstile is the best access control solution available in the market. The models stand out for their versatility, attractive design and, especially, for their ease of integration with other security components, such as magnetic, biometric and proximity readers.

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Makim T250:

Catrax Master was manufactured in a smaller size, with lightweight materials, saving space and enhancing resistance. Its innovative design combined with the optional finish offer a broad variety of configurations. This allows customizing and adjusting the product to meet specific needs.

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Makim Full Hight:

The pedestrian electromechanical high security access control also known as Full-Height Turnstile allows either the entrance or exit of admitted personal and blocks the passage when the user does not have a permission to enter or exit. The blockage is done through a 3 arm rotating mechanism where a locking device is activated when a person with out license tries to go through the Full Height Turnstile.